EIFEC Mission

The European Institute for Export Compliance (EIFEC) has the mission to foster international security through managing and promoting the EU EXPORT COMPLIANCE FRAMEWORK (EU- ECF).

EU-ECF framework provides innovative solutions to the most critical challenges in a global marketplace becoming a very complex arena for businesses to navigate. 

Major events have produced legislations and regulations at international and national level; the complexity of legal frameworks is shaping the way organizations do their business.

In a globally integrated world, efficient export compliance is only possible with co-operation at a European and international level. 

The EU Governments rely on the due compliance of exporters to help ensure that all laws are abided.

The strategic Response is the  specialized multidisciplinary EU Export Compliance Framework (EU-ECF) that supports the organization’s business objectives, identifies the boundaries of legal and ethical behavior, and establishes a system to alert management when the organization is getting close to (or crossing) a boundary or approaching an obstacle that prevents the achievement of a business objective.

EU-ECF includes:

  • • The EU Code of Export Compliance (EU-CEC), which set the principles,  best practice and Standards for the import/export industry to be adopted by EU and not EU organizations. 
  • • The EU Export Compliance Guide Lines (EU-ECGL) for implementing the EU-CEC  
  • • The EU Certified Export Compliant Organization certification (EU-C/ECO) to verify the proper EU Export Compliance behaviours and processes  
  • • The EU Export Compliance Register (EU-ECR) with the purpose to enhance the implementation of EU Export Compliance best practice.  A  Register for Organizations and self-employed individuals engaged in EU import/export and policy implementation has been activated 
  • • The EIFEC Registration Number (ERN) is attributed for the purpose of identifying organizations or persons in order to ensure their traceability on an EU level. This prevents abuse and allows to establish the identity of the Certified Organization in a simple way.  
  • • The EIFEC EC1001 STANDARDS series are principles-based standards to help organizations become more accountable, transparent and after all competitive. They address issues affecting governance, export models and organizational strategy, as well as providing operational guidance on export management and stakeholder engagement.  

EIFEC by strategic alliance with leading Academic Entities, promotes the culture of sound Export Compliance practice, and accredits third parties to perform and enhance Compliance professional activities.

Quick facts:

Headquarters in Brussels ( Belgium) and Regional Offices in Basel, Bahrein, Berlin, Bucharest, Geneva, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Washington D.C., Rome, Prague, Singapore, Stockholm, Warsaw, and Madrid.