EU Cooperation Agreement with Leading Italian University

Update / G8 Summit Final Compliance Report / EIFEC and Politecnico di Torino has signed an EU Export Compliance Cooperation Agreement 


2012 Camp David G8 Summit Final Compliance Report:

The University of Toronto G8 Research Group’s Compliance Report on the 2012 Camp David Summit is based on an analysis of compliance by G8 member states and the European Union with 17 priority commitments made at the Camp David Summit and covers the period from 19 May 2012 to 20 May 2013.

On Export Control Policies the G8 countries took the following commitment:

8. Non-Proliferation: Export Control Policies [86] Commitment “We will continue to strengthen our own export control policies to prevent the export of dual-use goods and technology when not in accordance with export control arrangements.” G8 Declaration on Nonproliferation and Disarmament.

The G8 Summit Final Compliance Report ( page 146) determined that the Agreement signed by EIFEC and Politecnico is one of 9 actions taken within EU to ensure the compliance of European Union commitment to non-proliferation and disarmament by not only implementing and updating international export control policies.

G8 Summit Final Compliance Report / EIFEC /Politecnico 


On 8tth July 2012 has been signed in Brussels a framework agreement between EIFEC and Politecnico of Torino.

Politecnico of Torino is a leading Technical University in Europe established in 1859 with international activities, that provides outstanding education and research services and  is the custodian of the highest level of knowledge and acts as technical support for public decisions.

Both parties believe that a full compliance with all relevant Laws, Regulations and Rules are mandatory and institution of appropriate compliance mechanism promotes and insures sound business practices and add value to its business integrity by managing the compliance risks associated therewith and the promotion of the culture of Export Compliance is essential to do business “playing by the rules” and improve international relationships and security and ensure to maintain maximum legal and ethical certainty for organizations/ exporters

The scope of of the cooperation is in particular focused on:

  • Establishing a European network of Leading EU Technical Universities, coordinated by POLITO, which will promote the European Export Compliance culture by embedding and integrating at each national level, the principles, best practices, operational procedures, support to national Governments authorities and policy makers as provided by the EU Export Compliance Framework.
  • Establishing and maintaining an expert system to assist exporters and EU National Auhtorities to evaluate if a product is under EU dual use regulation;
  • Assistance for evaluating and determine the compliance of a certain product either be in compliance with Dual Use and/or EU Sanctions regulations for their technical content or determine the classification of the product in case it is subject to these regulations.

Coordinating Manager for Politecnico: Prof Guido Sassi